Friday, September 26, 2008

Shopping for Guys is tough!

Justice & I were recently skin and shape shopping. After several tp's we ended up at KMADD, in the heart of the Mens Fashion Capital.

I was instantly impressed with the selection and presentation of the store. Neat, well organized, great photos showcasing the shapes. In fact the photos were so great, I had a hard time focusing on the shape, and not the overall appearance of the model. (Luckily Justice was there to keep me straight! LOL)

So we looked around, J pointed out a couple shapes he liked. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the price was $L1000. I was flabbergasted when I realized there were no demos offered!

1k, and NO DEMO?!? WTF!? In my opinion, that's a big chunk of change to "gamble" on a shape.

This got me to thinking:

Q: What if he doesn't like the shape?

Q: Is there a refund or exchange policy?

I looked around the store, and there is a huge sign on the wall, listing their customer service policies.

A: Due to the vast selection of shapes available in their store, they do not offer demos. The do however offer a "Live Demo Service."

Great idea!!

Q: Where's the customer service rep?
A: There isn't one.

KMADD encourages you to IM the creators before you make your purchase with any questions, or concerns you may have. They will demo the shape for you, so you have an idea what the shape actually looks like on an avi. This is a great service, but is the shape going to mesh well with your skin? You will never know, unless you buy it -- because you can't try it.

Why is shopping for guys so difficult and frustrating? Justice has been telling me this for months, and I didn't believe him. I am starting to catch on!

I don't know about you, but as a female, when I am shopping, I want what I want, and I want it now. I don't want to take the time to drop a note to the creator to ask questions ... what if they aren't online, and in a different time zone. You have to wait! I am shopping! I am an impulse buyer! I don't want to wait.

How is this customer service?

Thankfully, after some careful consideration, Justice decided to part with his money, and bought a new shape. He was extremely satisfied, and I am still drooling!

I do need to mention, that not only did Justice get the awesome shape, the box also included a styling card, (so you can achieve the look of the model on the display picture), a bald base (to shape the eyebrows), a freebie box from MADesigns, a pose stand, and height detector. The shapes are copiable, and modifiable, so you can customize your look if you so desire.

I am in no way bashing KMADD store, or its designers. They have incredibly, awesome stuff and I strongly suggest that you check out the store - you won't be disappointed with the results. However, as a SL consumer, I believe that things need to be kept simple in order to maximize the shopping experience.

Check out the MAD Image Blog, and when you're in the store, they have a really cool freebie section that is definitely worth a look.

~ S ~

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