Thursday, August 21, 2008

Game rules?

We've all read a variety of blog posts debating if SL is a game or something more. We know that we log on to the grid, and there are a variety of events to keep us amused - there are lots of people to meet, an assortment of venues to entertain us , and many other things yet to be experienced. So, is it a game? Where are the rules? How do we know if we win? Does every player follow the same rules? Is there a wild card? Does the avatar with the most Lindens win, or the avatar with the most shoes or toys?

Do the rules change as our avatars evolve? They did for me!

I can honestly say that for me, it happened over night, & without warning. I went from hanging out, shooting someone with a watermelon gun one night, laughing my ass off as I am getting pelleted with couches from a similar style gun to ... butterflies in my stomach, and my heart skipping a beat when that special someone logs on. WTF happened? How did it go from a game to an intense emotional experience?

Have I turned in to one of those people who takes SL too seriously? No! not me ... its a game right?!

~ S ~

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